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Kurashiki Kokusai(International) Hotel

Welcome to the Kurashiki Kokusai (International) Hotel.

Opened in 1963, this is the oldest hotel in Kurashiki. Our hotel is located near the Bikan-chiku (historical area) wiki link which contains traditional Japanese style buildings and where you can experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

When you enter the hotel lobby, you will see displayed the world’s largest woodblock print by Shikou Munakata (the world famous artist). Look further and you will see fresh flowers arranged in an incredible Bizen ware vase (500 years old) from the famous Bizen area in Okayama. Our staff include an English speaking concierge who can help you to make your stay more enjoyable. In addition, our hotel operates affiliated businesses such as the Japanese-style inn, Tsurugata, and western-style restaurant, Kiyutei, in the Bikan area