Rooms & Suites

Kurashiki Kokusai(International)-Hotel

The elegant space where Brown was made the basis is produced with the theme of "luxury" in a storage charge international hotel main building guest room floor.
A main building and an annex house as well as a guest room, I made everything no smoking.
You can enjoy a hotel life excellent in quality fully in the sophisticated guest room where the natural copy, the color tone excellent in quality and wooden warmth are felt.
I'm also preparing your family and "connecting room" of "triple room" and the continuation for 2 in the Western-style room and the Western-style room most suitable for use by a group.

Main building single room

  • Room size:18.8㎡
  • Bed size:160×195㎝

Main building standard Twin room

  • Room size:21.8㎡
  • Bed size:110×195㎝

Main building deluxe Twin room

  • Room size:34.3㎡
  • Bed size:125×195㎝

Main building deluxe section Twin room

  • Room size:34.3㎡
  • Bed size:125×195㎝

Main building Triple room

  • Room size:28.4㎡
  • Bed size:125×195㎝

Annex house Standard Twin room

  • Room size:24.4㎡
  • Bed size:112×195㎝

Main building Connecting room

  • Room size:34.3+28.4㎡
  • Bed size:125×195㎝

Annex house Deluxe Twin room

  • Room size:34.8㎡
  • Bed size:121×195㎝

Main building Suite room

  • Room size:57.2㎡
  • Bed size:125×200㎝

Annex house Triple room

  • Room size:26.6㎡
  • Bed size:121×195㎝


Equipments of Guest rooms
Hair dryer,pajamas,television,satellite broadcasting,air-conditioning,refrigerator,bathtub,the shower,toilet,Wi-Fi,free high-speed LAN access (cable) and DEYUBE (feather futon: Only main building).
Hand towel,bath towel,shampoo,hair conditioner,body soap,shower cap,toothbrush,toothpaste,razor and brush.
You can watch CNNJ at Free of charge.
Foreign language broadcast
You can watch English broadcast at channel "CNNj".
Parking Fee
From April 1ST, 2020, it costs you JPY1,000(Including TAX) for staying guests only during 13:00 onward until 11:00 next morning.
For other times, the charge will be JPY250(Including TAX) for every 30 Minitues.
Internet access
You can enjoy it in all the rooms.
[Connection method] Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) and wired LAN.
[PC rental]
Laptop computer for staying guests are available. Rental fee is JPY1,000 per 1 night.
As the number is limited, please ask a front staff for more information, if any. [Internet access]
Free of charge.
Wi-Fi is available in the whole buildings inside our hotel.
[Notice in case of use]
Althoughr you can enjoy Internet access service at free of charge, however, we are not in position for any loss or damages nor the security and the virus infection when you use it.
Please use it at your own risk including any breakdown.